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Welcome to Empire Travel!

Empire Travel established in 1987, developed the knowledge, expertise and ‎personalized service that qualified for building a successful network with ‎over ten markets. Our current network extends to the following markets: ‎United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Far East, Belgium, ‎Holland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Israel, South America, Turkey, and South ‎Africa.‎

Our Mission is to deliver service of superior quality and value that best meets the needs of the ‎world’s consumer, through an organization and a working environment ‎which fully develops and challenges our individual talents, maintaining the ‎company’s principals of integrity. A corner stone is consistent training of ‎our stuff and dedication to constant monitoring and improvement of guest ‎service, perfecting the balance between global quality and local flavor.‎

Our Objectives:

  1. To provide a creative menu of programs, delivered with no compromise on ‎quality of delivery.
  2. ‎To work with our counterparts as partners striving for mutual benefit and ‎not as suppliers.‎
  3. ‎‎To offer competitive market rates and give our clients the best value for what they spend.

Egypt is one of the most amazing places in the World. Even after seeing pictures of the pyramids, tombs and sights millions of times on TV, in books, and in magazines; they are still awe inspiring in person.

Travelers have marveled at Egypt’s archaeological wonders for centuries, ever since the Ancient Greeks visited the pyramids. Today, the ancient wonders attract millions of tourists each year to the pyramids, temples, mosques and great monuments of the Nile Valley, as well as the stunning diving resorts of the Red Sea.

Our Services:

Empire’s Travel ticketing office is licensed to issue tickets from all major Airlines, ‎shipping lines and rail ways. Its computers are linked on-line to Egypt Air, Amadeus and ‎World Span, with access to major Airlines computers world wide, for immediate and ‎efficient Airline, Hotel and car rental reservations and confirmations around the globe
Empire Travel uses Destination Management Company through its professionalism & ‎marveled list of contacts throughout Egypt. Empire Travel specializes in high caliber ‎team tailoring of special events and groups and providing exclusive services throughout ‎the trip.‎
Empire Travel‘s years of experience in cooperating with major airlines and the finest ‎Hotels in Egypt, total up to tremendous negotiating power in the name of conference ‎groups. Its diverse activities and huge infrastructure allow Empire Travel to seamlessly ‎coordinate conferences long before arrival, and up until the last departure.‎

Empire Travel experience and leverage, plus the world class Cairo International ‎Conference Center facility, against the backdrop of Egypt’s unique ambiance, atmosphere ‎and sunny climate, is certainly what it takes to organize a successful and memorable ‎event.

Empire Travel organizes the widest array of travel packages to Egypt, with the best‎ services and the most competing rates. From customary desert Safari trips and beach resort hotels, to special creative packages, ranging between the cultural, recreational and adventurous; the choices are endless.

Egypt with its irresistible mystique, bright sunny ‎days, exotic sites, sounds aromas and tastes is naturally the most desirable, not to mention economic choice. Empire Travel combines the most sought after destinations with exciting events and meticulous attention to details and class when creating a program.

Empire Travel offers integrated services of car rentals, luxury 5-stars, Nile cruise floating ‎hotels, desert Safari trips, Beach resort Hotels, and special creative packages with a professionally trained staff to combine it all in a package with the best service and the most competitive rates. Egypt is a country endowed with a wealth of historic and cultural heritage unrivaled by any other.‎

Equipped to put together creative packages that perfectly meet all needs, Empire with its ‎inclusive services handles every request to travel the world to any destination, handling ‎all leisure and business trips outside Egypt, offering the most attractive ready-made and ‎custom-made holiday packages that cater to all tastes and budgets. Empire’s reliable ‎network of information and affiliate providers, along with its long experience in the ‎market, allows a coordination of numerous simultaneous activities efficiently and ‎successful.‎
Empire Travel organizes Pilgrimage and Umra trips for both individuals and organization ‎with incomparable service, providing the best accommodation close to the holy places, ‎comfortable transportation and experienced tour leaders.

In addition, it regularly ‎organizes the Trip of the Holy Family in Egypt, a 6-day tour of all the major sites passed ‎by the Holy Family, during their flee from Palestine to Upper Egypt. Attention to detail, ‎additional services, competitive prices and efficiency are what make these packages ‎exceptionally successful.

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